Lavinia Jones Online Business ManagerI work with the Big Dreamers, those who sometimes feel the fear, but take that leap anyway and I love it. It’s because I’m a natural organiser and planner, it’s what I do. It’s what I’ve always done. Some people meditate or strike a yoga pose for that sense of calm and peace… I organise.

There are only a few things in this life that makes me happier than when I’ve got Gantt charts, calendars, budget plans and schedules around me.

I help Spiritually Guided Healers, Visionaries, Creators and Coaches develop actionable, doable plans for all of their different projects. Along with the much needed accountability, hand-holding and cheerleading they need to get their stuff done!
My greatest desire is to empower you to communicate your heart-work to others.

I’m a Project Coach and I love it! 

Our TeamSometimes I’m just not enough! 

There are times when you need a bigger team behind you to achieve your goals, so, I’ve pulled together an amazing team of creative-thinking support individuals to be there as your virtual partners.

My team and I specializes in the unique needs of spiritual, metaphysical and holistic practitioners. People who want to work from the heart.  We speak your language!

They will manage your social media content. I will work with you to develop marketing plans. They will invoice your clients + write your blog posts. 

I will work with you to generate new business ideas. They will research products. They can design new logos, websites and everything in between.

Together we work with you to collaborate and create. We support, motivate + keep you moving forward.

Accountability Partner

Business Management

Project Planning